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Alphabit.co (LPH) has been in BETA Testing since January 2018. We have been improving our platform and increasing features this entire time. Take a moment to register, follow members, and create a post. For testing purposes before you decide to support the Alphabit.co (LPH) project.


bout Alphabit.co (LPH)

Alphabit.co (LPH) is a place where those in the Cryptosphere can interact with others that share the same interests and desires. We are bringing together the greatest minds, innovators, dreamers, and those that want to make a difference with Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency as a whole.

Alphabit.co (LPH) is not owned by any one entity or person. However it is owned by the community members, developers, token holders, and those that wish to improve upon the existing platform.

The Alphabit.co (LPH) Cryptocurrency tokens will remain locked until the end of December 2018 or until the hard cap has been reached.

With Alphabit.co (LPH) you will be able to share content with others all over the world, while earning tokens. We have developed a unique method for paying members in the form of rewards and our Alphabit.co (LPH) Tokens.

These tokens will be available to trade and exchange on major cryptocurrency exchanges starting 2019. Here at Alphabit.co (LPH) we believe the creators of blogs, videos, memes, quizzes, and polls should be rewarded for their work and potential revenue that could be generated via traffic and name recognition.

To learn more about this system and how Alphabit.co (LPH) will soon replace Facebook, and other social media outlets alike take a moment to read our whitepaper.

Alphabit.co (LPH) is also actively looking for partnerships to excel our existing platform and reach mass adoption to the Alphabit.co (LPH) Community.

Alphabit.co is a decentralized social media community. The internet is being censored all around us and big organizations control what people see and don’t see in the form of not only advertisements but also complicated algorithms. Aphabit.co aims to change the censorship and control of the internet.

Alphabit believes that the creators of content and those viewing the content deserve to be rewarded in the form of Aphabit (LPH) for what they provide to the community. There is no middle man or meditary control over the alphabit.co community.

Take a moment to register an account and test the concept platform before we release the beta and live versions of ALPHABIT.co (LPH).

The primary goal is to give users tokens for interacting and providing their attention the the Alphabit (LPH) platform. Users will earn LPH for interacting with the platform & their positive behavior.

Including but not limited to the following:

  • Creating an Account
  • Posting an Update
  • Uploading a Profile Photo
  • Adding Friends
  • Posting in Forms
  • Joining Groups
  • Viewing Pages / Content
  • Selling Content
  • Positive Behavior
  • Plus a whole bunch more

Please refer to our whitepaper for a complete breakdown of the ALPHABIT.co (LPH) platform and what it has to provide to the community.

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